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Beautiful Satoshi <3

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *_*
OMG minnaaaa you have to watch this
if Oh-chan was a Girl he will be really beautiful ne


Face Down Is NO.1

OMG OMG Face Down is No.1 in Oricon chart
congratulation Arashi you are the best , Love you All so much , thank you so much for Face down Oh-chan
kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa OMG i can't stop dancing singing screaming or Jumping kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
welll who cares as long Arashi get NO.1 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa in your Face NMB 48 & Super Junior  :P
haaa and we were worried lol

Juntoshi <3

Q : In what kind of things that Arashi members geek at?

Sho      : Nino is a game geek.

Jun       : He also has an enthusiast at wiring.

Sho      : He has such thing?

Jun       : It starts from game and it connects to the other thing.

Sho      : So what am I nerd at?

Jun       : You are pickles geek {laugh}

Sho      : Yes yes, I want to eat the pickles in that restaurant. Matsujun is glasses geek, you have a lot of eye glasses more than all members have.

Jun       : Sometimes Ohno Satoshi wear my glasses too {laugh}  He  said it matches the tear drop.  

Sho      : It matches with him, I think it must suits me as well.

Jun       : He often wear my glasses and take pictures, I wonder what kind of thing that leader geek at?

Sho      ; Fishing geek. Aiba kun has a nerd in song lyrics. At the “face down” pv filming he sang “your eyes” lyrics.

Jun       : He hummed the song, because I don’t remember it yet so at first I don’t understand what he was humming.

Sho      : Aiba kun listened and remembered it well.

OMG JUN !!!!?????
he can't stop mention  Oh-chan even when the talk and the Q wasn't On Oh-chan *_*
lol i felt Sho get angry Jun had ignore his Questions and he kept talking about Oh-chan
Jun really love his Oh-chan ne kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kawaiiiii  Juntoshi love for ever <3 ..^_^..

all credits to yun-miyake.livejournal
thank you honey ^_^V

Devending speach from Arashi FanGirl

Hi Guys yesterday i saw this stupid article about Arashi losing there populerty and stuff and i didn't gave a damn but today i saw that  [info]aramatheydidnt had post it and there people believe in it so i am really so mad that i could kill a cat and believe me i love Cats
so i want to say this and i said it already in my comment in  [info]aramatheydidnt

but i am going to say it again to all the people who believe this stupid Magazine 
guys come on this article doesn't have meaning at all Arashi still the most popular group in Japan for god sake they had Tokyo tower light with there colors that never happened before and what he hell there saying about there single sales get down they still the same Arashi always sales over 500.000 copies nothing change believe me if Arashi had 5 singles in 2011 they will be NO.1 didn't you guys see the total sales in 2011
1. AKB48 (~209 million USD)
2. Arashi (~197 million USD)
3. EXILE (~72 million USD)
you can see it here
and Arashi just had 3 singles 2 dvd concerts and one album
and AKB they release 5 or 6 Singles sorry i don't know about there DVD or Albums but they released DVD But ia m not sure about the Album anyway
Arashi is still the most popular Group in Japana not coz there songs there personality too and i don't get why they always compare Arashi with Smap don't get me wrong i love smap so much but come on Arashi and smap are totally different all the people love Arashi for whom they are there personality there strong friendship there love to do what to take to make people happy Arashi always think about there Fans before everything . but smap uses other ways to gain popularity so please you have to start not believe these stupid articles
and this stupid MAGAZINE always publish bad things about Arashi i don't get them AND BY THE WAY IF Arashi lost there popularity Arashi fans will be the first one to know so please people make sure before believing things Arashi last Singels Wild At Heart sales more than 500.000  see the rating for VS Arashi and Arashi ni shiyagare i know Himitsu rating is down lately but don't worry see and watch it will be on top again sooooo can you please tell me where in hell Arashi lost there popularity GUYS three of then had a drams 2 of them having a movie 1 of them having 2 drama special they will be the host in 24hours TV and they have been the Main MC in Kohaku 2011 and they had the most fans in there fan club people are dying to go to there concerts
For GOD SAKE ARASHI LIGHT TOKYO TOWER WITH THERE COLORS so if you have no realistic evident stop saying bad things about Arashi will you
but you know i am not really mad right now coz my group light up Tokyo tower with there colors sooooooooooooo say whatever you want hate Arashi bad mouthing them and believe whatever you want but they still NO.1 if other group or artist did that then you may open your shity mouth ok you know What , i am not going to bee mean Tokyo tower is really hard to reach right sooo what about a plane did any Japanese group or artist had there faces in a plane hemmm No , i thought

Help Please

Hi Guys does any one of you know how i can be an audience in one of Arashi tv show if you know please tell me <3



Hi Guys i found these pic's in tumblr can anyone tell me where i can find the video i really want to watch it thank you


Help !!!!!

hi guys can anyone please tell me what is this or where i can find it onigai shimasu *_*



how are you guys i hope you fine ^_^
yesterday i was watching Arashi Video on Youtube and then i found this it is Koyama-kun from news radio Sho Kat-chanNews and his guest was Shige-chan and they were talking about Oh-chan can anyone translate there conversation i really want to know what are they saying about Oh-chan here the link thank you so much ^_^



My New Room <3

Hi Guys How Are you I just finished Redecorating My Room and I wanted to Know What do You All think Comment Please ^__^